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More About Me And My Work

In a nutshell: Language is what I do. I teach language. I learn language.  I research language. I write about language.

Here’s a few more things about me:

  • Dropped out of school at 16 to sleep on my friend’s sofa and work in a bacon factory.
  • Got a scholarship to study at an art college where I went to parties every day and eventually quit fine art to study fashion design instead.
  • After a year bumming around London, working in a bar in Camden Town and sleeping on more sofas, I went to back to art – this time at university.
  • A lot more parties happened until one day I suddenly I realised it was over and I had nothing to show for my three years other than a second-rate degree and a Japanese girlfriend.
  • Said fuck it to life in the UK, and went to Japan for a year in 2007 (still there).
  • Said I’d learn Japanese after being turned down from the job I wanted.
  • Got serious about Japanese in 2008 when my father-in-law told me I had to if I wanted to marry his daughter.
  • Speaking Japanese pretty well since 2009 and at translator/ business level since 2011.
  • Masters in Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching (with Distinction, no less – not bad for a school dropout).
  • PhD student in Psycholinguistics (researching lexical-bundle processing in second language learners – still not bad for a school dropout).Father of three (very noisy) bilingual children.
  • Father of three (very noisy) bilingual children.
  • Husband of one (very short) Japanese wife.
  • Proponent of constant, life-long self-education.
  • Lover and avid believer in the power of e-learning.
  • Runner.
  • Reader.
  • Obsessive coffee drinker.
  • Fan of 80s synth-pop, techno and electronic music.
  • Quite fond of beer, too.

I’ve also been, a bacon-cutter in a factory, a Painter, a fashion designer, a translator, and a ‘Japanese businessman’ (well, a businessman in a Japanese company anyway).

Right now “Doing English” is what I “do”.

It’s where I teach, coach, and help people through my programmes, courses, and coaching.

How to contact Julian

I don’t like to receive emails.

Unless it’s technical support or something related to billing (i.e. for a course) – I’m sorry, but please don’t contact me. My time is valuable, and I have no intention of using it to answer random questions all day long (that’s what Google is for).

There’s a contact form here for technical support. But this is ONLY for technical support. Random emails and questions about learning English will be ignored. Sorry – I just don’t have time.

  • I don’t do volunteer work (If you contact me asking me to teach you English for free, the answer is “no”).
  • If you don’t already know how to become a coaching client, you aren’t eligible.
  • I also don’t friend people on Facebook (so if you add me, please don’t email me complaining when I don’t add you back).
  • In fact, the only way to work with me directly is through one of the Doing English programmes (here)

Sorry if this all sound quite harsh. I’m just quite antisocial.