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Julian Northbrook

Have you ever seen a rocket take off?

It takes a massive explosion of energy—3.5 million kilograms of thrust in fact—to fight gravity, and get up, off the ground, and into space.

But once it’s there?

The space shuttle just glides along easily, with no resistance.

This is what the MEF Accelerator course does for your English speaking.

Over the last year and a half, I’ve spent a lot of time working one-on-one with coaching clients. I’ve helped them to speak amazing English. Overcome their problems and really use their English in their work and everyday life. All while also perfecting my methods.

And what I’ve found is this —

The best results come from a short, very intensive period of training… followed by a longer, more relaxed (but consistent) period of learning and practise.

The First 90 Days

What matters for the rocket is the first push off the ground. And that’s the same for you. Get the first 90 days right, and from there speaking English is easy.

But if you try to skip this?

You’ll be working from the wrong foundation, and you’ll struggle.

In the Accelerator course, we’ll create a daily English learning plan that is structured, consistent and easy to do based on methods that work. You’ll create an English learning habit so that you get everything right now… then put your learning on autopilot. Yes, it’ll be hard work and the process is intense. But the idea is to get you a big boost in proficiency, as well as get you absolutely clear about what you need to do after the first 12 weeks…

Then you just have to keep implementing what you’ve learned over time to get better and better and better.

Here’s What the First 90 Days Entails:

  • In the first week we’ll look at the most important change you need to make, as well as implement a series of “Quick Proficiency Boosters” to get you going as fast as possible.
  • In week 2 we’ll get you set up with a structured plan, unique to you, for doing everything you want in English over the next several months.
  • In week 3, 4 and 5 we’ll modify your method and learning routine to get you the fastest, most effective results possible.
  • Week 6 is dedicated to removing your first language from your English speaking so that you (1) speak on autopilot without thinking or translating and (2) speak naturally, without what linguists call ‘negative transfer’ form your first language.
  • In week 7 and week 8 we go deeper into your goals, and connect them to your English learning so that you’re not just learning randomly… but actually using what you learn in the real world and improving as you go.
  • In week 9, we take a step back and consider the English learning materials you use (note: many people don’t consider their materials important, but that is a dangerous attitude – using the wrong kind of materials can damage your intuition of native-like English and create habits that are very, very difficult to break).
  • Week 10 and 11 are dedicated to building fluency and naturalness in your English speaking…
  • … and in week 12 we go beyond simply speaking English, and go into what it really means to speak English WELL (even better than native speakers, if you’re willing to put in the time and effort to learn this stuff).

Here’s how it works

  • The course will be delivered as a live training session once a week (you’ll also get the recordings right after, so don’t worry if you miss one).
  • Each week you’ll have a set of tasks to complete (some of which need to be submitted to me for feedback).
  • The first 10 people will get a one-on-one coaching session with me personally before the course starts to solve your number one problem ASAP (all gone).

I’ve seen excellent results using this process with my coaching clients…

And I’m pretty excited to roll this out as a course.

The January to March run of MEFA is sold out (all the places filled in just three days). I’ll be running it again in April to 30 new trainees.

In the meantime read my book (either in paperback or digital).


P.S. What’s the difference between Master English FAST (the book) and the Accelerator course?

There’s only so much detail you can go into in a book.

The course will go much, much deeper into the method and psychology of speaking excellent English. The course will also include homework and assignments to make sure you do the fucking work (and after all… THAT is what matters).

The Accelerator course is also the most up to date programme I’ve run because many of the techniques I’ll discuss have been developed with my coaching clients.

So this is all pretty new.