Don’t try to get better at English.

Aim to just get less-worse.

You might think that this is basically the same thing, but it’s not. These two things are very different. If you’re aiming to get better, it mean you think you’re not good enough now. It also suggests that there is a point where you are good enough and can stop improving.

… but this holds people back.

The truth is, you’re already “good enough” to do stuff in English.

Sure, you might not be able to do it elegantly and eloquently…

… but that doesn’t mean you can’t.

So instead of focusing on getting better, just focus on doing more and sucking less each time.

Instead of looking at the English language and feeling overwhelmed, learn one new chunk a day and just suck a tiny, tiny bit less.

If you’ve got time…

Do more.

But don’t NOT do anything.

Because the best way to never, ever improve your English?

Is to do nothing.

Want to make the whole thing easier?

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Julian Northbrook
Language Punk. Getting Less Worse Every Day.

P.S. Problem is, of course… speaking in double-negatives like “less worse” is confusing as hell.

You get the idea though.

Here’s that link again