OK, Julian, it’s Q&A time.

Here’s one from Scott.

Hi Julian,

Thanks for your emails and videos on Youtube. I have several questions to inquire.

I have certain amounts of vocabulary so that my reading skill and scores are good. But there are a few obstacles in my listening and speaking English. For example, i can’t understand the meaning, don’t know about what they saying when i do listening or watched TV show,etc. After i read the transcript i can fully understand(that feeling is like the whole world is mine, what they saying is just so easy). The second problem is, my oral English too bad, like u said, i can’t used excellent chunks, confused about the sequences of the chunks, and also i don’t use them in a correct and precise way and right place.

Now you know what the problems i had, how to solve these?



How to solve these problems.


  1. Sign up to Doing English PLUS.
  2. Work hard at the lessons.
  3. Relentlessly apply everything I teach you in your every day life.
  4. Ask in in the Community when you get stuck.

You’re welcome.



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