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Yesterday I said your future is decided by one thing, and one thing only. Did you guess what that thing is?

Several years ago I was working as an assistant secondary school teacher. The money was bad and my wife had just had Lee, our first son.

We were struggling.

A lot.

Someone I knew — a manager where I worked — guessed this, I think, and one day on the train he said:

“Why don’t you get a masters?

You could do it online then get a better paid job.”

Sounded like a great idea.

But when I researched courses I realised I wasn’t qualified for any of them. And anyway, I’d been terrible at writing essays as an art student. How could I do a masters in something like linguistics?

It was two years later that I enrolled on the course.

What changed?

At the time I had a mentor of sorts.

A guy called Richard Graham who makes English teaching materials for primary schools.

Richard helped me much more than he’ll ever realise. Some of it was conversations we had. But most of it was his attitude towards life

(There is an interview with Richard in Doing English+)

“Failure doesn’t mean failure,” he said.

“It just means try again.”

One day I just got up and applied to do a masters at the University of Nottingham.

I didn’t have most of the qualifications I needed…

But so what?

I knew I could do it.

That was 2010.

I submitted my final dissertation December 2012, finishing the 4 year course in 2 years with a top-class distinction and an invitations from two separate people to carry on with my research at PhD level.

(All while working full time, studying to become a translator and looking after now two kids).

Ultimately only one thing matters:

Your mindset.

↑ Think long and hard about that.

But don’t think too long… ultimately you’ve got to take action and actually DO the stuff I share with you. Luckily, changing your mindset is easy.

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