Donald Trump.

No matter what you think about him, he is a brilliant marketer. And he did a brilliant job of marketing himself as a product, and selling it to the population of America.

Here’s something you may not like:

You too are a marketer.

Whether you know it or not, you are in sales.

Looking for a new job? Want to be more successful in your current career? Running your own business? A student?

It doesn’t matter.

You’re in sales.

Qualifications mean nothing.

Talent means nothing.

The only thing that matters is your ability to market yourself to the world.

Do you position yourself as the premium product? Or as the cheap-and-nasty option?

Think long and hard about it.

This week’s lesson is an interview with Yassin Shar, community director of a 7-figure business.

And he didn’t get there because of his dad’s job or something like that.

Oh no.

Yassin fought his way up from the bottom.

And you can do the same.

Unless you like it at the bottom… a lot of people seem too, based on the way they act.

To help you, as well as Yassin’s interview if you join Doing English+ before Friday, I’ll also give you another interview that I did with business-communication coach Jacqueline Shaulis last year (the things she said complements Yassin’s interview really well).

The deadline is 5pm tomorrow.

Here’s the link to join.



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